Waterproofing Systems & Membranes

Resitech has extensive experience applying waterproofing systems and membrane coatings to floors, roofs, decks and walls.

While most other resin systems do provide a measure of waterproofing, they cure brittle and crack with normal substrate movement, which will allow moisture to penetrate. Waterproof membranes are flexible and specifically designed to withstand the movements normally expected in buildings. They are particularly ideal for roofs, decks and wet areas such as shower facilities and bathrooms.

Resitech provides waterproofing membranes that are durable, guaranteed to perform, and suitable for industrial, commercial and residential use. Decorative finishes can also be added to the standard waterproof membranes to ensure they fit in well with your décor.

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Suitable for all waterproofing applications - Tufflex is a low maintenance, flexible waterproofing system with a resilient anti-skid surface. Tufflex is a water cured material with no odour. It performs extremely well as a high build membrane for concrete, concrete blocks, hardies cement sheet, plywood, steel and plaster. Its high impact strength, durability and high resistance to chemicals makes it especially good for flooring used by vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Available in smooth, fine anti-skid and medium anti-skid options in various colours.

For more information about Tufflex please refer to www.polymer.co.nz


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