Protective Coatings

Resitech provides a range of high performance protective coatings that can be customised to deliver the specifications you require such as durability, skid resistance, chemical resistance, curing speed, hygiene, ease of clean and aesthetics.

Resitech has extensive experience applying protective coatings in industrial, commercial and residential areas.

To find out what product will most cost effectively match your specifications and budget, please contact Resitech


Degadur Seamless-Surface Solutions provide a heavy duty colour quartz with customised decorative and slip resistant finishes. Fast curing in just two hours - Degadur has strong impact resistance and is also durable and UV resistant. Degadur is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. It provides a guaranteed sealed surface with no pinholes or bubbles.
Degadur is ideal for:

  • swimming complexes
  • commercial kitchens
  • showers and changing rooms
  • food and beverage production areas
  • parking facilities
  • asphalt warehousing and distribution facilities
  • pubs, clubs and dance floors
  • boat ramps

To find out what Degadur product will most cost effectively match your specifications, please contact Resitech

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Ideal for the most demanding flooring applications – Duraflex Cemetious Urethane flooring systems are fast curing, durable, and resistant to abrasions, chemicals and heat. To find out what Duraflex product will most cost effectively match your specifications, please contact Resitech


Jotun offers hard wearing anti-corrosive coating solutions for both marine and industrial applications. Widely recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder coatings - the Jotun Group is a major supplier to shipping companies worldwide and is Europe's leading supplier of architectural and protective coatings.

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Attractive, low maintenance and durable - Permachip Designer Coatings are easy to clean and available in a variety of colours in epoxy, tweed, stone chip and ceramic stone finishes. The main applications include:

  • Residential – Decorative floor, wall, bench top and paving coatings that are anti-skid, aesthetically appealing, and easy to clean.
  • Commercial - Floor and wall coatings which are chemical resistant, anti-skid, hygienic and aesthetically appealing. Graphic designs and logos can also be incorporated.
  • Industrial - Factory floor coatings, hygienic coatings, specialist joint repair treatments, and slab subsidence solutions. The applications are chemical resistant, anti-skid, and hygienic.

Resitech is New Zealand’s primary licensed applicator of Permachip Designer Coatings and has extensive product experience and knowledge.

To find out which Permachip product will most cost effectively match your specifications, please contact Resitech

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Recommended where a high performance, chemically resistant epoxy coating is desired. Outstanding protection for interior floors, walls, piping, equipment and structural steel or as an exterior coating for structural steel and equipment in various corrosive environments.


See detail about Tufflex page on the Waterproof Surfaces section


Vulkem is an attractive composite deck waterproofing system of tough-curing liquid polyurethane. It cures to form a monolithic rubber membrane surface that provides a lasting, ascetically appealing, and easy to clean coating. Also available with an anti-skid surface. Ideal applications include: plazas, decks, roof terraces, balconies and mechanical equipment rooms.

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